How to Pay for College

Are You Struggling with any of the following issues?

  • The last few years of your family’s life have just flown by.
  • You are doing your best to save as much as you can.
  • You are concerned about how you are going to pay for college without getting into debt.
  • If  you send one student to college it might affect your ability to send another student.
  • You think that you may have to sacrifice some of your retirement to pay for college.

These problems are not simple to solve but there is a time tested strategy that will give you a formula for success.

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The strategy is called MAP

M stands for match the student to the college that has the right curriculum and environment for that student and is affordable.

A stands for acceptance by the college.  The student has to be accepted at those colleges that they are a good match.

P stands for pay for the total cost of attendance.

M Stands For Match

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M stands for match and is the most important step of the process. A correct match reduces the likelihood of having a student who later decides to change majors or takes 5 or 6 years to graduate which is much closer to the norm today.

‘So, success at this step saves you tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of emotional grief for everyone in your family!
Match is accomplished by discovering the natural strengths your student has and can be accomplished by taking one of the most powerful assessment tools available for decades to both education and industry.

For over 50 years, the Birkman Method® has been an industry leader in personality assessment assisting over 3.5 million participants with dialing into their hard wiring. Leading companies such as Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart and NASA use the Birkman as well as Emory University, Colgate and the University of South Carolina.
This multi-dimensional tool focuses on measuring usual behaviors, underlying needs, stress behaviors and interests to reveal multiple ingrained personality dimensions. This information combined with a student’s academic profile directs the student in discovering best match, economically safe careers, the college majors that lead to those positions and the schools respected for these majors.
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If a student can start college having chosen a major and career path confident their needs will be met, interests embraced and stresses avoided, then the 4-year graduation rate skyrockets saving thousands in future tuition. Learn how not starting with fit can create a $75,000 fifth year of college!

Students take the 45-minute online assessment in the comfort of their home. Once your Birkman and Learning Enrichment Assistance Program (LEAP) Student Profile are complete, we marry the two sets of information into best fit suggestions for the individual student.

Families receive via email the full 55 page Birkman® results, the 24 page LEAP Fit 2 Flourish report including 3-5 best fit careers for exploration, 3-5 majors leading to these careers, 3-5 colleges respected for these majors.

Start with the 40+ year career & work back to the right college fit!

Each Reports PLUS Consult package includes a 6 month subscription to Candid Career for further career & major exploration.

A Stands For Accept

A stands for accept. That basically means you have to have a high enough grade point average and standardized test score to be accepted at the schools that you were matched with in the M part of the process.

Take a look at the following video to better understand how the college admissions process works from the perspective of the colleges. Spoiler Alert – The following video would never be published by a college admissions or public relations office.  

5 Things Colleges Don’t Want You to Know about Admissions


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P Stands For Pay

P stands for Pay. After all, what good is it to be accepted to a college you can’t afford?  What good is it to pay for your kids college education and then have to work until you are 75?

Don’t let your students leave the nest with your nest egg. This is where we can be especially helpful. Remember colleges require you to divulge everything about your financial position during the application process.

While you might go through the college admissions process 2 or 3 times in your life, they deal with thousands of students per year.With two children in college and one in private high school we know the college admissions process and how to even the playing field for your student.

Calculation of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a vital step in dealing with the pay step.

Our job is to show you how to reduce your EFC and increase your need so that you receive either more financial aid or maximize your savings for retirement and other needs.

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