Why You Should Love Your Stinkers

Why You Should Love Your Stinkers We have had quite a few emails and calls about the 9 Ways to Reduce Your Taxes attachment in the November newsletter. Most of the questions were about the “wash sale” rule typically used in selling stocks so let’s spend some more time...

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How to Title Property Correctly

Married Couples and Property Mary was a surviving spouse. She and her first spouse, Ryan owned a lovely home and placed it into joint tenancy with right of survivorship. After Ryan passed away, Mary met Logan and they were married. Because she had the house in joint...

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Tax Free Sale of Property

Howard and Lynn were age 55 when they purchased some land outside of town. They thought it would be a good investment that they could later sell for a higher price. Over the years, development from town has moved toward the property and their land is now next to a...

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  • Recent Conservation Easement Tax Cases are Settling Favorably for Taxpayers
    A recent headline in Tax Analysts reads: “Reasonable IRS Appraisal Triggers Conservation Easement Settlement.” The article describes a long battle involving what the IRS calls “syndicated” conservation easement transactions. Hale E. Sheppard Esq. an Atlanta Georgia based Attorney stated in review of the ruling: “after the IRS was unable to win the case on technical issues […]
  • Tax Season Is Here Again! Choose Apples or Oranges.
    There are many ways a tax return can be done that are all OK with the IRS, but only one of those ways nets the largest refund!  People need to understand this across America, and we talk about tax planning constantly.  We blog, tweet, post, email and on and on, yet we as an industry […]
  • Another Tax Season is Almost Upon Us
    Tax filing season is looming again, with the IRS saying they will begin accepting returns between January 24th and 30th. However, it is possible that the IRS will delay the start of tax season a week or so beyond that, and returns containing Earned Income Tax (EITC) or Child Tax (CTC) credits may have refunds […]
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  • Happy Holidays!
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