Why You Should Love Your Stinkers

Why You Should Love Your Stinkers We have had quite a few emails and calls about the 9 Ways to Reduce Your Taxes attachment in the November newsletter. Most of the questions were about the “wash sale” rule typically used in selling stocks so let’s spend some more time...

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How to Title Property Correctly

Married Couples and Property Mary was a surviving spouse. She and her first spouse, Ryan owned a lovely home and placed it into joint tenancy with right of survivorship. After Ryan passed away, Mary met Logan and they were married. Because she had the house in joint...

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Tax Free Sale of Property

Howard and Lynn were age 55 when they purchased some land outside of town. They thought it would be a good investment that they could later sell for a higher price. Over the years, development from town has moved toward the property and their land is now next to a...

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  • It’s ever Too Late To Do a Better Job On Your Taxes.
    Generally speaking, there are three “waves” of tax filers. The first contains the people with W-2 jobs, kids and daycare and they have had taxes withheld that when refunded are a big part of their income. They generally file in late January and early February, as soon as possible so they can get their refund, […]
  • What Is Tax Planning?
    We use the term “Tax Planning” often, but we are aware that many people are not sure what it really is.  Some people think “That means off shore accounts and citizenship shell games ending with jail time.  No thank you!”.  That is not tax planning; that’s tax evasion, and it’s not at all what we […]
  • Stimulus and Grant Planning Help is Available!
    It goes without saying that the amount of new tax rules and programs that are now in force because of the pandemic is astounding.  Preparers are stressed as the programs have come out during the active tax season so that extra time to slow down and read and comprehend just is not available, and people […]
  • Why Didn’t My CPA Tell Me That?
    When you start tax planning with a new client, the first thing people often ask is why the accountant or CPA they are using doesn’t think or act the way you do in discussing the hunt for possible tax savings. After all, the current CPA is smart, trustworthy, running a successful accounting business and trusted […]
  • Simple Tax Tips Are Sometimes the Best
    People often struggle with record keeping and are often so busy that they are simply unaware of tools or services that have been developed that could greatly improve the recording and tax deductibility of expenses, miles and other useful things.  Tons of topics we could cover here, but two that are universal.  If you are […]
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