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Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. By making tax planning part of your overall business strategy, you can use our experience and access to the most current new developments in the tax laws to minimize both your current and future tax liabilities.

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New Higher Retirement Plan Contribution Limits for 2017

New limits on retirement plans for 2017   Below we have a list of the most common Pension Plans Maximum SIMPLE contribution $12,500 Maximum SEP contribution $54,000 Maximum compensation for plan purposes is $270,000 Maximum monthly benefit for defined benefit plans...

IRS Secret Gift to Business Owners

Stop Overpaying Your Business Taxes by Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars per year!  Business owners do not realize that buried somewhere in their tax return is the most powerful tool to increase their business cash flow. That tool is called a depreciation...

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Georgia Association Business Brokers invites John L Mills to explain how to borrow against retirement plan assets

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